Saturday, July 22, 2017

                         Anti-fungal Treatment with the Power to Kill the Germs that Cause Infections.
                                                                Professional Strength Formula
             No Need to Remove Polish or Acrylics.  Simply Apply it Directly on the Nails, or Skin.
                                     For Services Please Call 303-202-6500

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dear Dina,
Zenails would love to Thank all our loyal returning clients! Whether its been years or even a couple months of being a part of the #ZenailsFamily we would love to hear about your experience with us! 

We Couldn't Do It Without You! 

As you may know, the modern way for a clients to express their experience with businesses is now through YELP/ GOOGLE. We at Zenails would love to offer $10 off your services for posting apositive review on eitheYELP orGOOGLE! To show our appreciation for helping us grow our business even more, for we could not be in as good of shape as a salon without our AMAZING CLIENTS! We value your input and want to know about your love for Zenails!  

Here are Some Pointers!

- Let us know how your first visit at Zenails was!
- Who do you normally see and why you see him/her?
Do you schedule your appointments or do you walk in?
- What is your favorite part about coming to Zenails?
Which pedicure is your favorit?
How do you feel once you walk through our front door?
Does Zenails feel homey to you?
Are our staff friendly and polite?

These are just a few out of MANY topics for posting a review! We encourage all our returning clients to spread the word and explain to everyone why they love Zenails so much! Not only does this help others to understand what the experience of Zenails is like but also to help us understand our clients a little better. Your review gives us a more personal connection with you and helps us to know fully that what we do is appreciated by you. There is also room for recommendations on improvements we may not see! WE want to grow as a thriving business! We at Zenails also want you to know that we care about our clients and value everything you have to say!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Spring is coming and we all know what that means! Bright colors and mani/pedi dates with your friends and family! Zenails welcomes you this spring to show off your runway worthy nails! 

Spring Deals! 

This spring Zenals is offering FREE nail art with every mani/pedi combo service! This offer is valid 2/27/17-6/17/17! (offer is only valid with a manicure, gel manicure, acrylics, or dip nails combined with a pedicure) 

Winter to Spring 

As winter ends and spring draws near we recommend the soothing and incredible benefits of a Paraffin DipAs dry as winter is in Colorado this is perfect for your hands! Zenails offers a paraffin dip for the hands and feet; trust us you'll love it!

Help with Yelp!

Zenails has recently hopped on the band wagon of Yelp reviews! We sincerely want to hear back from our clientele! All feedback is amazing;this helps us to hear the positive comments from our customers. New or committed clients will receive $10 OFF for their posted review. This offer does not expire! We appreciate your business as well as your opinion! Simply show your posted review at check out and our receptionist will honor this promotion!